11 Digital Marketing Tools for Agencies in 2020 (we also use them!)

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21 April 2020
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

MWB are a medium sized web agency, but we’re growing every day and feel like the our business and more importantly our customers are deserving of the best in class apps available. Below are some of the digital tools we use to communicate with each other and our clients to deliver the very best custom websites possible.

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool to help you punch up your website traffic. It’s particularly great for competitor analysis, allowing you to check out who is linking to your competitors and what their top pages are etc. You can see where their content ranks and, using the Content Gap tool, identify key weaknesses for your content areas. I enjoy using the site audit tools as well as they keyword explorer for ideas on content. It's easily the best product in this space. In fact the only improvements they could make in my opinion is an app.

Ahrefs.com homepage

Google Search Console
Google Search Console is a must-use tool for any business that cares about marketing and digital presence. It’s provides lots of information about on-site issues, lists the keywords that you rank for in Google, and what people are typing into search engines before they enter your site.

Google Search Console screenshot

Screaming Frog
If you deal with SEO (and we ensure our customers new websites adhere to SEO best practises), [Screaming Frog](Screaming Frog "https://www.screamingfrog.com") is an absolutely essential tool for website migration. It saves you huge amount of time and gives you a deep understanding of the website you're working on. It is super useful for the initial audit, when you want to check if the site has any major flaws. It is also our go to for anything involving the redirects from old customer sites to new ones.

Screaming Frog homepage

Agency Vista
An interesting tool we have begun to use is Agency Vista. Easy lead generation is paramount to our recent successes and Agency Vista's data-driven marketing platform makes it easy for us to connect with businesses. Verified organisations receive a badge and get more visibility and traffic to their profile, which is paramount to generating new business.

A very important tool we use for offline SEO. Every blog post we write, we set up a campaign in BuzzStream to everyone we link to. The chrome extension streamlines the entire process as you can find a website you like and has relevancy to the post you are writing, you then click the extension and the app downloads the site information, contacts and social media, which you can then use to email for important back-linking.

BuzzStream homepage

iA Writer
I am constantly on the lookout for better writing apps, but iA Writer has been my writing weapon of choice for over a year now. Available for iPad, iPhone and Mac it also has a feature called the 'Focus Mode' to minimise distractions and a full-screen mode that highlights the line you are currently typing and fades out everything else on the document - genius! All you need to do after that is turn your phone off, close Outlook and mute Slack and you might be able to get some writing done!

iA Writer homepage

Ebook and arguably white-paper generation is a laborious task especially when you’re a writer and you have to factor in the design elements too. For this you can use InDesign (if you’re familiar with it) or Word, but it probably won’t look great. Beacon designs your lead magnets for you. Just install it, import your content and use the results on your website, social media and emails etc.

Beacon homepage

Content Snare
Content Snare is a relatively new piece of software (for us) provides a way to easily gather information, files and documents from clients and stakeholders. It removes the need for Google Docs, email trails, and lets us collect everything in one place. The automated client reminders keep our clients abreast of content and asset deadlines and ensure we receive assets for new site builds without a need to chase.

Content Snare homepage

Unbounce allows us to build real lead generation pages for any client regardless of industry and what their conversion goal might be. The landing page builder is fast and easy to use, and the template library is large enough where you can often find one as a starting point for your landing page.

Unbounce homepage

Intercom is our live chat tool choice and allows us the ability to converse with our customers quickly and seamlessly between email and the messenger app. We also have multiple staff available depending on the type of enquiry. The UI is clean, the UX friendly and dare I say...even fun to use. Customer success at Intercom is also excellent.

Intercom homepage

SERPsim is an accurate SERP simulator and SERP snippet generator. It comes with the pixel perfect precision. It allows the users to fetch an existing URL title and meta description or create a new URL from scratch. There is also an option to view Rich Snippets and best of all its free to use!

SERPsim homepage

Other notable mentions;
Adobe Creative Cloud

The above are great for remote working and feel free to check out our top 10 tips for working remotely. Also, let us know what digital marketing tools you use and how they positively impact your productivity and client relationships.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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