3 Ways to Increase Leads for your eCommerce Business in 2022

05 January 2022
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Lead generation is necessary for your business to succeed because of the steady and increasing flow of customers you need, but generating them can be challenging and depending on your niche, the market is quite competitive. As such, your business needs a strong strategy to stand out from the crowd.

With a competitive strategy, you can attract thousands of new visitors to your eCommerce store and move them through to your sales funnel until they make a purchase.

To help you generate more leads (and thus more business) for your eCommerce store, we’ll go over a few tips aimed at helping you generate more leads for your eCommerce business.

What is a Lead?

Within the eCommerce space or basically any industry, a lead is someone who has shown an interest in your business, products, or services. They are a potential buyer, and it’s your job to coax them toward becoming an actual buyer. This process is called “lead conversion”.

The goal here is to get as many people interested enough in what you have to offer that they want to learn more about it by contacting you directly.

So, as you can see, the concept of a lead varies from industry to industry. Let’s look specifically, however, at eCommerce,

What is a Lead in eCommerce?

Lead generation for eCommerce is different from traditional leads. A lead is someone (a person) that shows interest in your products or services. eCommerce leads show interest by taking specific actions on your website, funnel, forms, etc. like joining your email newsletter, following your brand on social media, or clicking your ad.

Yes, you can say that there are indeed some similarities between traditional leads and eCommerce leads, but they only extend so far.

Just think how out of the ordinary it would be if a real estate company would get a newsletter signup, offer them a 10% discount code via email, and close the deal later that day. You might be thinking, can it work that fast? Yes, that’s exactly how lead generation works in eCommerce.

To help you convert visitors into leads at lightning speed, let’s dig into 7 effective ways to get more leads to your eCommerce business.

3 Effective Ways to Get More Leads to your eCommerce Business

1. Write Valuable Content

One of the main reasons why people browse the internet is because they want to access information easily, and you can use this to your advantage. Research what people want to know about your industry, product, or company and create content around that.

How will you know what your customers want and what they’re looking for? Look at your competitor’s website, visit forums, or use tools like Answer the Public. Once you’ve identified the questions your business has to answer, you can create an FAQ page on your website, or create articles on your blog providing quality, accurate answers to those questions, and doing so you can help your customers understand your brand.

But, why should you spend time writing content? What’s the absolute value of it?

Creating high-quality, valuable content that your potential customers search for and want to read means that more people are likely to discover your website and therefore can make a purchase on your store. Being the most informed business in your industry or space your product is in will also build trust, which is the foremost ingredient for a company’s success.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

When a visitor lands on your site, you want to convert that visitor in some way. That could be signing up for your email newsletter, participating in an online giveaway, making a purchase, or any other activity that moves them toward making a purchase or going through your sales funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO, is an ongoing process of testing different elements on your site to figure which are the most effective and which aren’t, which helps more in getting your visitors to convert and which don’t.

You can test everything throughout this process, whether that’s the layout of your product pages or your call-to-action buttons, videos, or forms. You can then use this information to improve your site for better conversions and more visitors.

However, on the other hand, this process can be hard and complex for some eCommerce business owners, so if you aren’t familiar with these processes, it’s better to discuss your questions or requirements with a web agency to do this for you. Because if you’re unfamiliar with this, you might end up causing technical issues on your website and destroying your web design

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Think about how your potential customers shop online? How they find the products they want online? In most cases, they begin by searching for products online on major search engines like Google.

With the right SEO strategy, you can improve your site and let your pages rank in the Google results of those product searches. This makes it easier for your potential customers to find you online and allows you to focus more on your marketing budget for the people who actively search for your products and could be your long-term customers – or hot leads.

Alright, so now we know why having more leads for your eCommerce business is important. Along with that, we also go through seven interesting and simple ways to get more leads to your eCommerce business.

There are many ways to invest your money as a business, but when it comes to the eCommerce space, the best thing to do is invest your money in content and promotion. Spend the money on things like SEO and content marketing, and your audience will grow, as well as your business.

there’s one more thing you should also keep in mind. eCommerce lead generation isn’t always simple and easy. There’s a lot of competition online, so you don’t have to compare your leads with other businesses. But, you do have to focus on your business, improve your products, and keep working on these 7 strategies to get more leads to your eCommerce business.

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