4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Site for Your Business

Web design
16 April 2022
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We live in an age when customers expect instant gratification; one-click ordering; a seamless online experience. Most of the time, your website will deliver on these expectations, but there are definitely tell-tale signs that you could be in need of a redesign: if your customers are leaving your website because it’s too hard to use. To help you out, here are some tell-tale signs to watch out for.

Your Website Is Slow
As a customer, you get impatient if a website takes too long to load; you’ll just go look for one that’s quicker. Google agrees, which is why it released Google Core Web Vitals in 2020. Core Web Vitals rates business websites based on three key areas: speed, mobile compatibility and logged-in user experience. These tie into the very essence of user experience.

Your Ranking Poorly
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is what helps search engines like Google know how to value a website, and what each of its pages offers to a user. It links users’ searches with the best results – and can boost conversion rates through the roof for sites that are already optimised for SEO. If your site isn't ranking well, then it may be time to build a new one. Remember, SEO also hinges on the overall user experience as a high bounce rate (visitors leaving the site immediately) hurts your site's SEO rankings.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly
Did you know that mobile devices make up over half of all ecommerce sales? In fact, mobile phones are only predicted to overtake desktop use in the next two years. Having a mobile-friendly website is not just for the benefit of Google – it truly can make or break your entire online strategy. By thinking about what a user’s experience would be like on a mobile device, companies can focus on ease of navigation and an adjustable display to suit any user on any device. We would even go so far as to say that being mobile-friendly is not really enough; many websites need to be fully optimised for mobile before they can support their users. A design with resizable content blocks and a focus on really making those CTAs and headlines pop is essential in creating the best website experience.

Your Website Has Been Hacked
​​If it has happened once, it is likely to happen again. Insecurity in a website indicates a weak backend, and once hackers have managed to break into that backend once, they will probably find the same security holes and could expose them again. We have worked in the past on putting new security barriers and firewalls in place to protect against future hacking, but we would always advise starting over if you find your website has been hacked.

We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you figure out if you need a new site for your business. While it can be quite tricky to know when it’s time for a new site, being aware of these signs will make things infinitely easier for your business. For those of you who have decided to build a new site, be sure to work with professionals that will allow you to maximise your business’ online platform.

Make Your Website Better
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Photo by Max Saeling on Unsplash

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