5 Great Free Web Design Tools You Can Get Right Now!

Web design
04 September 2021
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Here at MWB we’re always on the look out for new tools that make our lives easier as a web agency, but also improve or add something special to our clients website along the way.

Here is a list of new web tools including design elements, page builders, collaboration tools that are worth checking out. All are free or offer free trials;

Swipe Pages
Swipe Pages is a new premium landing page builder. Use Swipe Pages to convert more ad clicks to leads & sales by building instant loading Google AMP landing pages without writing any code. Use the drag & drop interface to create fully responsive landing pages quickly. Run A/B tests and measure performance using in-built Analytics. Capture leads and send to your CRM or email marketing software with direct & Zapier integrations. Superb for running experiments where a getting some simple online fast is paramount.

Haikei a web app to generate unique SVG shapes, backgrounds, and patterns. Get started with the SVG generators. Choose between stacked or layered waves, steps, peaks, blobs, symbols, grids, gradients, and more.

Radix Colors
Radix is an open-source color system for designing beautiful, accessible websites and apps. It includes 28 color scales with 12 steps on each scale. Each has a matching transparent variant, which is handy for user-interface components to blend into colored backgrounds.

Noloco is a beautiful, no-code portal builder for clients or teams around existing workflows. Collect all the information you need through your portal with custom forms or integrate with any third-party service through APIs.

Focus is the simplest OKR software for SaaS companies that turns your goals into results. Even when everyone is remote. The main concept is setting OKRs and keeping the focus on the main goals each day. Focus keeps teams on the most important outcomes instead of the heap of messages, emails, and endless meetings.

Got a tool worth adding to this list? Send me a message and let me know!

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Photo by Keila Hotzel on Unsplash

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