Your website is an investment, not an expense

Web Development
04 February 2020
Sam Pettiford
Sam Pettiford

Your Website is an Investment, Not an Expense

As a web development agency, we often hear websites referred to as overheads or outlays considered an expense to a business. “We’ll need to find some budget for this” and “Can we not bother with that because we won’t be changing anything for many years” are a couple of our favourites we’ve heard! While we completely understand that point of view, especially with today’s budgetary constraints, it just doesn’t make an awful lot of sense.

If a website is treated as an expense then it will come across that way to the customer - in fact, it will be that way to everyone who visits the site.

A website should be invested in and when it is, it not only becomes measurable and gives a positive return on investment, it can also reach new target markets, build your brand and bring in more visitors, but not lots of random visitors - exactly the right kind of visitors for your business.

Continual Investment

As we’ve said; building a successful website takes time, effort and investment. It also requires continuous technical and creative work such as SEO and the correct mindset by whoever is managing the site. Successful Web and Digital Managers are constantly looking for areas of improvement within a website.

Great sites interest their users. They do so by providing better, more useful, and more engaging content. The goal is not just to provide information, it is to provide information uniquely and distinctly in your own way. Every webpage of your site is an opportunity to do better. Every website can be improved. Every one of your pages could use an update of some sort that would make it a better resource for your users.

You’ll discover multiple ways to improve your website by asking yourself just a few questions each day;

  • What do my users need and want?
  • Is my website giving them that? If not, how can it?
  • What are my least visited pages?
  • How can I turn them into the most visited?

Essentially, work on your website should continue indefinitely until you know for a fact that your website is better than your competitors and even then there will always be other verticals to target and new content to write about.

These days your website is a huge part of your business, more so than ever before. It can direct your entire marketing strategy, be your customer service platform and provide valuable insights into your customers behaviour as well as sell products and services. If you put the bare minimum of time and effort into your website then it will show.

Photo by Charles on Unsplash

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