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01 June 2021
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

An online presence is essential for all businesses in 2021. Your website is a one stop shop for all visitors to look at the products or services you offer and understand what sets you apart from the competition. Whilst content is of paramount importance, a clean ad user friendly design is also desired amongst users. In fact, 94% of a user’s first impression relates to the design of your website.

When considering the design of your business’ website, you’re left to decide between a template website or a custom bespoke website – but which one best suits you?

Bespoke Websites
A bespoke website is made from scratch by a web developer such as Making Websites Better, tailored to the needs of your business.

Benefits of a Bespoke website_
User experience: due to the website being built to your business’ needs, it allows you to focus on the customer journey, fully personalising their experience.

Functionality: tailored to your preference, your website can have anything you’d like it to have, and things can be added to it at a later date. This allows full control of the website content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Making Websites Better understands how to create websites that are more visible on Google with keywords and content. Bespoke websites also load faster, which then appear higher on Google’s ranking.

Limitations of a Bespoke Website_
Time scales: Due to the in-depth creation of the website, the task takes more time to complete in comparison to a template website. If you want it done fast, a template website is your best option.

Costs: A lot of work goes into a bespoke website, and with more work comes a higher cost.

Template Websites
A template website is a pre-built site consisting of the same templates, but with different versions available to all. The owner can choose from these pre-built templates and edit the colours, logo and content.

Benefits of a Template Website
Good looking templates: The templates are standard, however they work well as they are popular and used on thousands of sites online.

Time efficient: This option can be completed in much less time than a bespoke website, due to the limitations of customisability.

Cost effective: With a straight forward template design, you only have to pay for the domain and web hosting.

Limitations of a Template Website
Limited functionality: Even when you pay for a premium package, the functionality isn’t as in-depth as a bespoke website.

Personalisation: The design and customer journey is already written for you. You can only change a small amount on the website.

Whilst a template website is cheaper and time efficient, the personal offering doesn’t compare with a bespoke website. With a bespoke website comes personalisation, better functionality and better quality. To build a website is an investment, rather than just a “to-do”. You get what you pay for.

Written By Harry Stannard

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