Best WordPress Security Plugins In 2021

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28 September 2021
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Unfortunately, as soon as you publish a website these days, it becomes vulnerable to attack, and the more visible your site becomes, the more attacks your site is likely to suffer.

Depending on your hosting provider and the robustness of your server, most of these attacks will amount to nothing, but WordPress isn’t invulnerable and it’s almost definitely worth exploring some of the top security plugins;


Best WordPress Security Plugins In 2021

WordFence has a great list of features to protect your WordPress site from attack. It provides a firewall and security scanner, blocking malware, SEO spam, and malicious redirects amongst others.

WordFence charges per site, and the price goes down the more websites you protect with it.


Best WordPress Security Plugins In 2021

Sucuri offer a wide range of security features such as firewall, monitoring and detection. They protect your site from hacking, include a malware scanner, prevent SEO spamming, and repair tools it if an attack was successful. This range of options means that Sucuri is widely considered one of the best security options for WordPress out there.

You have three plans, and each limits you to installing it on a single site. The higher the plan, the more frequent the scans take place.

iThemes Security Pro

Best WordPress Security Plugins In 2021 Ithemes

iThemes Security Pro aims to simplify securing your website for you. Features include monitoring 404 errors and if too many are coming from the same IP address, it assumes this is an attempt to gain access, and locks that address out of your site. The basics are also essential, such as forcing admins to use strong passwords - the more complex the password, the less likely it’ll be hacked.

Various plans are open to you - Blogger is the cheapest at $80 per year and allows you to protect a single site.

With the issue of ‘nulled’ themes and plugins being so available these days, security plugins like the ones mentioned above have increased in popularity massively. Any of these above solutions will provide good security to your WordPress site, but as long as you use a reputable hosting solution and buy all your plugins/themes from the WordPress platform, then you should be relatively safe from clear and obvious attacks.

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