Colour My Life: What Your Brand Identity Says About You

31 January 2021
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

First and foremost, we begin this blog with a question;

What is your favourite colour?

If you were to ask someone what their favourite colour is, they would most likely be able to tell you straight away. We all have different preferences, colours that catch the eye more than another, that’s why it’s so important to consider the right colour palette that reflects your company in the best possible light.

So, what does your brand identity colour say about you and your business?

Whether you are building your brand as a start-up or an established organisation looking to give your brand identity a refresh, colours are able to influence a customer’s behaviour from the very start.

The unique element of colour is that it’s able to reflect mood and emotions, impacting your customer’s decisions on whether to purchase your products and services. If your branding doesn’t attract your target audience, what hope have you got in them walking into your shop or staying on your website for more than a few seconds?

Managing the colour profiles of big brands that need to be seen consistently through different means can be complicated but it all becomes worth it when circa 90% of consumers buy a product or service based on colour alone. A colour is more than just an element, it should be the consistent foundation of your company story.

Remember when we asked you what your favourite colour was?

It goes to show that a preference on colour goes a long way, so let’s see what each colour stands for and how it can be effectively used in your unique brand design through the following titles.

We All Live In a Yellow Submarine

If you want your brand to represent warmth and optimism, Yellow welcomes you with a friendly embrace, ensuring your business is approachable and basking in happiness.

True Blue

If you are looking to give your customers reassurance regarding your products or services, Blue is the colour that provides trust, peace, tranquillity and reliability.

Green Green Grass of Home

The colour Green can mean many things, especially when you take into consideration the tone. In general, Green relates to nature, health and peacefulness. Whereas a darker tone of Green can resemble wealth and the lighter Green option relates to a fresh approach or signifying growth.

Red Alert

Red can sometimes signify danger, but this colour also provides an affectionate feeling among your customers. A complex colour in terms of branding which can be fully dependent on getting the right tone, but there is no doubt that Red is one of the most powerful colours on the palette.

Purple Rain

If you are looking for a colour that showers your brand in luxury, loyalty and courage, Purple is the number one choice which can appeal to both the male and female variety of custom.

Neutral Ground

How often were you told as a child that Black, white and grey are not colours? Whichever the opinion you share, these monotone colours prove popular within business branding. The reason being is that they signify a simple yet mature approach.

Brand guidelines are incredibly powerful and important for your business activity, getting in front of your target audience goes a long way to increase footfall or traffic to your website.

Do you require professional assistance when it comes to your brand identity? Get in touch with our team today.

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