E-Commerce Web Marketing: An Always Up-To-Date Guide

01 May 2021
Sam Pettiford
Sam Pettiford

Like so many innovations before it, the (seemingly) oh-so-sudden surge in e-commerce across the globe was born from necessity. The ‘big bang’ of COVID-19 inspired online pandemic panic buying, as buyers’ fight or flight modes emigrated quickly to their digital shopping baskets.

On the surface, it seemed that this short-term reaction had thrust e-commerce into the stratosphere, but the truth is, as any e-commerce agency will tell you, that its arrival into the global consciousness was inevitable.

Most important of all, in the debris of that big bang, is an opportunity, and it may have just unintentionally created the equaliser for start-ups and SMEs to take on the world.

It’s estimated that a staggering 2.14 billion people will choose to do their buying online in 2021. So, how are businesses making the most of this incredible statistic? Well, there are roughly 12 -24 million e-commerce sites in the world. But the number of those businesses taking in more than $1000 annually?

Less than 1 million.

That’s not just a shocking statistic; it’s a global statement. There’s a billion-dollar industry that’s not being taken advantage of here. A digital line has been drawn in the sand, and according to the consensus of every e-commerce website agency, the world won’t look over its shoulder to see if your business is on the right side of it.

One of the most exciting aspects of e-commerce is the fact that it’s presented businesses with a unique, and perhaps, once in a lifetime opportunity to box with the goliaths of big business on the world’s largest digital platforms.

Uncreative differences: e-commerce reactions

So, now that we know about the billions of customers actively looking for products or services with a flawless online shopping experience, what do we do with this information?

The first step is to separate businesses into two different categories - those who remained uncreative and lethargic during COVID, and those who knew better than opposing the trend and began making preparations for embracing the future of online commerce.

Bigger companies who rested on the laurels of brand legacy are beginning to implement ways for that e-commerce momentum to come their way, but that initial counter-intuitive reaction has allowed small and medium enterprises the chance to gain the upper hand.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss how your website can thrive in the online landscape, and how to use digital media via an e-commerce website agency marketing overview to your advantage. We’ll also be elaborating on the benefits of that e-commerce agency, and how they can help you to stand out against the goliaths of your industry.

E-commerce is a fast-moving and constantly growing force, and if you’re not prepared to take advantage of its explosion on the global stage, the only noise your business may soon hear could be the echoes of your customers chasing after it.

E-commerce website marketing

Whether by choice, convenience or necessity, the majority of marketing battles are now taking place online. It’s a consumer’s world, and the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ pile of digital marketing tools can feel a little overwhelming at times.

However, if you’re feeling your business acumen buckle under the weight of TikToks, Twitter feeds and Facebook Ads then perhaps it’s time to break down how useful these online tools are to modern business, and more importantly, pinpointing the ones that work for your brand.

An e-commerce web agency would define this in this simple analogy: If e-commerce is the strong beating heart of a modern business, then think of digital marketing channels as the vital organs that pump its lifeblood.

e-commerce marketing is about harnessing a business’s best attributes and filtering them through online media outlets to ensure it reaches the people who are actively searching for it.

A digital platform can showcase your product or service online via:

  • Social media
  • Digital content
  • Search engines
  • Email campaigns
  • Video content

To catch a consumer’s eye, you’ll need to develop a sound strategy of powerful brand awareness that endures, to create familiarity and guide a customer into an easy online purchase process.

Implementing that strategy? Well, that’s just the beginning…..

E-commerce Advertising web agencies

If your e-commerce marketing is about directing the droves of customers to your required destination, then think of e-commerce advertising as the vehicle through which you choose to promote your service, whether it’s video content, display ads or search engine optimisation.

Bringing in the services of an e-commerce web agency ensures that the engine of that vehicle runs smoothly and drives your e-commerce advertising past the people who are actively searching for your particular product or service.

Making the most of e-commerce website marketing

Now that we understand the journey of e-commerce marketing, let’s decide what your business will need to take along for the ride.

Email marketing campaigns

A solid email marketing campaign is one of the most tried and tested methods of getting eyes on your website, so be sure to collect new email contacts like treasure.

Hone your email marketing craft - cultivate a familiar tone of voice in your correspondences, and use it to guide customers towards your promotions and new content posts.

Consider innovative ways to digital introduce your business to new contacts so that your website’s launch gets traffic, and your online store finds its online window shoppers.

An organic social media presence

Leveraging your e-commerce content into a social media love-fest takes time. However, being consistent with the content you’re posting can add some serious fuel to your digital engagement.

A sharp, well-crafted sentence conveys more than a slap-dash paragraph ever could, and a stunning image or engaging video can subtly plant the seeds of a future loyal customer.

So whether you’re looking into working with an e-commerce agency, or going it alone, keep a consistent organic online presence to give your brand depth.

Create engaging e-commerce content

The next step is ensuring that your content is interesting and insightful enough to grab the attention of these email contacts and social media followers.

If you want to establish your brand as the measuring stick of expertise in your field, then your content, tone and the subjects you choose to write about should amplify this.

Don’t forget; It doesn’t matter how beautiful the destination is, if the signs on the way aren’t legible then no one’s getting anywhere.

Optimising your website’s content for SEO

To condense the seemingly bottomless pit of Search Engine Optimisation tips, just try to think from a consumer’s point of view.

What knowledge do they require about your products or services to get what they need, and what terms would they search for online to find this information?

When you know the answers to these questions, you can begin implementing those terms in your descriptions, content and images to satisfy their needs and direct them to where you are.

Search Engine Optimsation ensures that your business is the answer to your customers’ queries, by ranking your website highly on a search engine results page.

E-commerce agencies and your website

Of course, every business is different, and the above suggestions may not be the best fit for driving traffic to your website.

So, if the e-commerce website marketing landscape has you feeling lost in a sea of social media amid all the other businesses launching their pages, just remember that e-commerce website are all about the shopper experience.

It needs to be visually pleasing to showcase your products, and it needs to be done so via the social media channels and means that people searching for your service are using.

Through these methods, and by implementing some market savvy assistance such as creating shoppable content, the possibilities are limitless. With shoppable content allowing website visitors the chance to immediately purchase a product, you can sweep an online shopper directly from the browser to a confirmed buyer.

Content marketing is more than just blogging once a week. It’s a surgical marketing process that improves your search engine rankings and gets your product pages on centre stage.

To make sure your brand reaches the right audience, we use WooCommerce: a fast and easy-to-use CMS plug-in that lets you continually edit and update your website’s inventory whenever needed. With a combination of marketing savvy, expertise and WooCommerce, we cover all the bases to make the best website launch possible.

We’re aware of how powerful embedded video homepage design is, and how it leads the way in a customer’s journey from a website browser to a loyal customer.

Not only that, as a leading e-commerce web agency, we’ll carefully place your video media into the overall user experience, and leave that lasting impression to excite, entice and convert customers to your brand.

Check out our other Ecommerce articles to learn how to reduce your churn rate and the 2021 trends for WooCommerce, alternatively contact us to talk about your e-commerce ideas.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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