Graduates to Directors: Hettie Foreman and Dom Smith’s Rise at MWB

11 February 2022
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Making Websites Better’s Managing Director, Paul Warren is delighted to announce that Hettie Foreman & Dom Smith have been promoted to become Directors within our company.

Hettie and Dom’s recent promotions highlight that talent deserves recognition regardless of age. The move symbolises our culture as a business perfectly. There is no ceiling and no limit to our team’s individual career, we all come together to produce the best work possible for our clients.

Paul went on to explain the impact the duo have had on the business since arriving at Making Websites Better and why they are so deserving of their recent appointments.

Hettie Foreman

“I first met Hettie in around 2015 when she was working as an apprentice within the print industry as a designer.

It was a chat at The Print Show Exhibition where I immediately identified that she had amazing talent, but was extremely humble and grounded.

I remember a conversation with her around what makes a great designer in my view, given that my career started in this role too. I told Hettie that the ability to design as a designer is obvious, but the ability to have thick skin and argue your direction when debating your work is fundamental. In addition to having a personable skill with people which is absolutely critical to a long-term career in design. In my opinion, Hettie always possessed these qualities but perhaps didn’t have the confidence to express herself all those years ago.

We started out working with Hettie as an intern then freelancer but quickly offered her a role where she’s really proven herself, in both the quality of her work but also the human qualities that mirror that of our agency; passion, smart thinking and telling the truth.

Hettie has all of these qualities and is also a truly amazing designer. I now look forward to helping Hettie to develop her skills in a management role and taking on more responsibility.

These are all challenges that I am sure she will embrace and excel at, much like all the challenges that have been put in front of her to date during her career here at MWB.“

Dom Smith

“We were fortunate to attract the talent that Dom possesses. Whilst at university, he had a year placement internship at IBM as a developer and when we first met, he hadn't yet completed his final year at university.

To his credit, when we interviewed Dom he had a vision for development and ideas for digital products and techniques that a person of his young age wouldn’t normally possess.

Ultimately, Dom wanted to produce work that had purpose and to know that the value he added would make a difference. He felt at a larger company like IBM, his work would potentially be less valued than at a small agency with big ambitions.

Originally we anticipated Dom being a strong front-end developer but he soon proved himself in terms of full stack capabilities. I recall the first project where I felt that Dom truly came to life and found his balance of good quality work balanced with commercial awareness.

The project was Paradise Wildlife Park where Dom completely led the technical direction of a great project, getting himself deep into understanding the customer’s overall requirements of the project, their business, their customer’s needs and more.

In my view, most developers can write code, but not every developer can understand the impact of their work and work with different stakeholders internally and externally to deliver a great end product.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

“Making Websites Better gives young, passionate people a platform to work. Finding a company that appreciates you for who you are, working in a business where there is uncapped potential and carving out your potential within a great career is rare.

Hettie and Dom are perfect examples of what can be achieved. Nonetheless, they have given our agency many years of hard work, they have given their passion for their profession and we have in turn rewarded them both.

As a founder of a small business, it is hugely rewarding to see staff and customers believe in the same things you believe in. Hettie and Dom I feel are on the same page as me in terms of what we stand for.

Offering both Hettie and Dom Director roles, despite both being in their late twenties, was a natural decision that I am proud of. Age doesn’t define talent and work ethic.”

As the business grows, Hettie and Dom will also be joining Operations Director, Ricky Crump in becoming shareholders in the business over the coming years.

I would like to thank Hettie and Dom for their continued support and I look forward to many years working together as we take Making Websites Better forward.

Congratulations, Hettie and Dom!

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