How Can I Grow My Email List?

05 January 2022
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Gathering data and in particular an email list is an important process for any business. Aside from simple and quick communication with your customers, a good email list can be used to great effect to promote sales and limited offers, launch new products/services, drive traffic and provide subscribers with content that interests them.

As important as an email is, the process of actually getting people to subscribe to your list often a difficult task indeed.

There are some relatively easy actions you can take to improve your chances though;

Ensure The Subscription Process Is As Easy As Possible
To get the best opt-in rates, only ask people for their email address where possible. Asking people to part with as little information as possible is the best way to increase your subscription rate. While this may not always be possible if you require more information to provide proposals or quotes based on something specific, try and reduce the information you ask people for as even the inclusion of a first name into your subscription form can reduce opt-in rates.

Improve Your Offer
Give your customers an irresistible reason to subscribe to your emails. The most common things used for this are generally ebooks, case studies or tips that are closely related in topic to your emails.

Ensure your Opt-in Forms Are Highly Visible
Obvious, but often overlooked and yet the most effective way to increase email optin rates are to make your forms more visible. Users are never actively looking for your sign up forms. Often it takes further advertising of your forms such as slide ins or sticky sign up bars in the headers to make people interact.

Don’t misconstrue this as an advocation of pop ups – these days you have to be extremely careful with these and ensure they don’t violate Googles policy.

Exclusive Benefits
Having member only benefits available for subscribers is an excellent way to both gather and keep email subscribers. Depending on your business and industry, this could be exclusive content, products and special product/service pricing.

Gated Content
Similar to exclusive content, gated content is content that will only be visible to visitors who have joined your email list. Much like popular newspapers these days that tend to let the reader view ‘some’ of a news story before gating the rest and demanding subscription, users will be far more likely to part with their email to finish the content they were reading.

Reviews, Referrals and Recommendations
Testimonials from customers, email subscribers and website visitors are an excellent way of showing that your site and content is worthy of the attention. The implementation of recommend-a-friend schemes that offer some exclusive content as a reward to the referrer is another good way to increase subscribes due to the nature of trust between friends, colleagues and family members.

The average person loves to win something and asking someone to subscribe for a chance to win a prize is an extremely easy way to grow subscribers. While some of these subscribers may not be entirely engaged in your content and be in it just for the prize, the ones that have found your organically will have some interest. These tactics are increased even further by the viral nature of people on social media where ‘friends of friends’ are engaged to enter a competition where they originally wouldn’t have even been aware.

Consider Advertisements
Running ads to increase subscriber lists is often overlooked, due to the costs regularly attached, but this is only the case if your subscriber value is zero. In many cases, a subscriber is unlikely to have a completely zero value to a business. Working out your customer value is the obvious initial task here and once you’ve done that you’ll be acutely aware how much you can afford to spend on advertising to grow your list.

It’s not necessary to tackle these things all at once, but try and pick one or two that are the easiest for your business to implement quickly and that will give you the best start.

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