How to Drive Sales to Your E-commerce Site

15 June 2021
Sam Pettiford
Sam Pettiford

While the innovations and advancements of digital marketing have seemingly shot across the global business landscape in no time at all, any website agency or e-commerce trailblazer will agree that it’s not simply a matter of embracing these exciting new tools of commerce. It’s also about harnessing them in the best way possible for your respective business.

In the digital skirmish of modern industry, it can be disheartening to see good businesses that offer a fantastic product or service falling behind in generating sales.

Out of these frustrations, broad misconceptions about the benefits of e-commerce can form. In reality, there are several useful marketing methods to guide new customers from clicking your homepage to the checkout basket.

It’s just a matter of adjusting these new innovations to suit your branding, then making sure it’s all aimed towards your e-commerce site.

Give your Customer Service an Upgrade

The shift in marketing in recent years has presented opportunity and challenges. While customers are now finding it easier to get the products they’re searching for; they also expect their needs to be dealt with effectively, efficiently and fast.

Below are three simple methods of ensuring that a customer service upgrade doesn’t come at the expense of a personalised business transaction:

Innovation: Upgrade your business by introducing Live Chat technology to your e-commerce store.

Elaboration: Use chatbots to elaborate on any questions and answer them promptly.

Personalisation: Keep the personal touch through emails to personalise offers and resolve complaints.

Implementing all three of these across your business will bolster your brand and turn online browsers or disgruntled customers into conversions.

Strong Branding Can Beat A Large Budget

It’s not just about who has the biggest budget anymore. E-commerce has levelled the playing field for SMEs and start-ups to make their mark. With a consistent brand message, competitive pricing, and informative product descriptions, you’re cultivating the perfect user experience.

Establish who you are, what you offer, and why it’s of benefit to the customer. If you can do this fluidly, your brand can stand tall with the biggest marketing budgets in the game and guide online shoppers effortlessly to the purchase page.

Targeting the Right Customers

Would you rather have a thousand people stumbling upon your business accidentally and leaving without a purchase, or have 250 people find your e-commerce platform because they’ve been actively searching for what you offer?

Driving the right kind of traffic to your site rests on three elements:

  1. Optimising your e-commerce blogs, webpages and products
  2. Creating content that establishes your brand as the solution to a consumer’s need
  3. Analysing your SEO to better understand what users are searching for

Utilising these three marketing methods will give your business a guide to where your conversions lie, how many people you’re missing out on capturing in your marketing funnel, and how to create the best content to grab their attention.

SEO Still Matters

Your content isn’t going to reach the people searching for it unless you’re implementing an SEO strategy. Content without optimisation is like a pedestrianised city centre without trade vehicle access to pick up and deliver goods.

In other words, a business that neglects SEO is a business that’s throwing away a steady stream of monthly revenue. The most unfortunate part? It could be rectified with a little patience and a lot of research.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a brand new website, or simply looking to improve your current one; ranking on search engines is essential. When consumers search for those topics, they’ll find your brand and discover why you’re the perfect business for their needs.

Good Social Media Content Converts

With all the potential within the collective grasp of the modern e-commerce business owner, it’s disheartening to see that social media content is still overlooked.

Regardless of how beautiful your website looks or how easy the checkout process is, if there isn’t a solid social media content strategy to guide users to your platform, nobody is going to benefit from your unique business.

A film with breathtaking cinematography won’t keep an audiences’ attention until the end credits without sharp dialogue to drive the plot forward. So let social media be your e-commerce trailer, offering a teaser of the incredible services you offer just one click away!

Back to Basics to Move Forward

Advancements in global commerce have given customers a fast and easy experience. But that doesn’t mean the things most important to their overall experience have changed.

Before taking giant leaps and making drastic changes, let’s focus on the basics. Are your services and products priced competitively? Are they in line with the current market? How about your product images and descriptions?

Pinpointing these problems and adapting accordingly can be a small adjustment that reaps huge rewards for your e-commerce site. Being thorough in giving your business that digital autopsy will soon map out where the issues are, and it’s usually a simple solution.

Get Your Customer Support on Point

Keep an eye on your reviews and ratings. Are there patterns emerging in any negative feedback? One unruly customer can be a fluke, but several means that you’re not providing adequate customer support.

Embrace the E-commerce Influencer

Modern consumers are sceptical and cautious with where they choose to put their money. However, once you’ve earned that trust, they’re likely to remain with you for the foreseeable future.

So, how can you develop trust with e-commerce shoppers? Through influencers!

The statistics are clear; collaborating with a strong e-commerce influencer means that you’re not only getting the rub of being associated with a trusted name but that their followers are likely to become customers.

Identifying a strong online influencer in your respective field will ensure that all influencer posts and comments are distributed through online channels relevant to your business.

Once you have the attention of their followers, take advantage of it and drive them in droves to your digital checkout basket.

Other Areas to Keep in Mind to Drive Sales

  • Email Lists are still one of the most effective methods of increasing sales
  • Testimonials establish your credibility concisely
  • Multiple payment options make customers return
  • Avoid disgruntled first-time buyers - be clear about when goods will be dispatched

And finally, don’t forget that driving sales to your e-commerce site is a marathon and not a sprint. Despite the perception of the flash-in-the-pan arrival of online commerce, the gears behind its incredible growth are rooted in the combination of innovation and sound business fundamentals.

If you’re looking for a dedicated and passionate website agency to make your brand stand out, our bank of knowledge and experience allows us to be able to tackle any task or challenge efficiently. From creating websites for well-known brands to successful startups, we have successfully done it all with a happy and healthy client base!

Check out our other Ecommerce articles to learn how to reduce your churn rate and the 2021 trends for WooCommerce, alternatively contact us to talk about your e-commerce ideas.

Photo by AustinDistel on Unsplash

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