How To Get To Know Your Customers Better

Digital marketing
07 July 2021
Sam Pettiford
Sam Pettiford

Understanding exactly who your customers are and what they need most from your business is the key to ongoing success. If the view of your customers is blurred and based on assumptions, there’s likely a disconnect between you that fails to truly grasp what keeps them loyal and engaged with your brand. The more you care about your customers the more they’ll care about you.

Your customers are intelligent thinkers too. In fact, 54% of consumers think companies need to freshly switch up how they engage with audiences. That’s the majority thinking we’re not doing enough to keep them sticking around for longer. After all, there’s plenty of opportunity for them to take their custom elsewhere. Don’t let that happen!

So whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, remember that it takes time and smart decisions to achieve positive customer engagement. Getting to know your customers inside and out can be tricky to navigate when your reputation is at stake and there’s no straightforward winning formula. Every brand objective is different which means every brand’s customer profile varies too.

Engaging with your customers via high-quality content and personalised digital marketing is where every brainstorm should start! So here’s our six all-important tips on how to get to know your customers better and ensure there’s always a strong and positive connection between you.

1. Make use of the numbers

Businesses can be inundated with digital marketing data nowadays - but knowing how to use these numbers makes them valuable. You can acquire informative behavioural data from tools like Google Analytics to get a deeper understanding of your target audience demographics. Always make use of any insights you can get hold of. You can never know enough about customer habits and preferences.

Data analytics isn’t just for the big fish either. You can try your hand at social media analytics or simply start looking at your own customer purchase data acquired from a custom-built eCommerce platform. Always look beyond just the basic figures of customer actions and start building a bigger picture of who your customer is and where they’re most engaged with your channels.

90% of business execs who use data analytics agree it's helped them deliver a better customer experience. So the numbers literally speak for themselves.

2. Create an in-depth customer profile

Gauge the needs of your customers by building an in depth customer profile that speaks volume about the person. Don’t focus on generic factors like age and location, instead you need to think more meaningfully. Your customer profile should be based on both demographic data AND your own human understanding of who they are and how you can reach them.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think like them in their customer journey. What would they think of your site’s user experience? What aspects of your goods and services are most important to them?

The more robust your profile is, the more useful it will be for developing your digital marketing strategy. So get to know their likes, dislikes, goals, morals, and values.

3. Listen and respond to customer reviews (both good and bad)

One of the simplest ways to know what your customers think about your business is to read their reviews. There’s something valuable to learn from any review, whether it’s a good one or a bad one - so don’t be afraid of inviting honest opinions from your customers.

It’s not just the average Google comment or Yelp review that gives you the insightful answers you need either. Providing discussional points through opinion surveys, polls and questionnaires will open up useful conversations about your brand - and it’s even better if you spark a direct conversation with a customer too.

Consistently replying to reviews or direct messages on social media shows that you’re human and listening to their complaints. You could even offer customers incentives for providing more reviews. 72% of consumers have said they don’t purchase anything new online until they’ve read reviews, so make your customer conversations visible to authenticate your brand and signal trust.

4. Create high-quality content

Investing in engaging, high-quality content is a smart method of digital marketing that sells your brand as an expert. Regularly creating informative content reminds customers that you’re the one who provides the knowledge and you know what you’re talking about. Whether it’s a blog, a YouTube channel, or an educational eBook, never underestimate the power of content to engage your customers with your business and its services.

Plus, having a great SEO strategy for your content will both better the chances of being found and also reveal what your customers are searching for online. Conducting keyword research means you’ll understand how your customers find the engaging and informative content they need.

5. Be caring and fundamentally human

Your personality should be palpable through everything you do. An engaging brand voice is a fundamentally human one. People believe more in the brands that are compelling with the real stories they tell and relatable in the values they share with their customers.

Show your customers that you’re invested in them as people and they’ll take more notice. In fact, 65% of customers say they feel more emotionally connected to the companies that make them feel cared for. So ensure your brand values compassion and interacts with people in a manner that builds trust.

You should also encourage brand loyalty by rewarding your long-term customers with personalised deals and discounts. The longer your customers stay with you, the bigger the opportunity you have to get to know them better. After all, 86% of customers have admitted that loyalty schemes make them much more likely to engage with brands.

6. Make social media your best friend

Social media is an absolute no brainer when strategising how to engage with your customers. 71% of people are likely to recommend a company if they’ve had a positive experience with the brand on social media - so take note of the best, most active business pages that have the biggest followings and the most likes and shares. Facebook’s comments section has never felt so valuable.

You could also repost any customer content, whether it’s a complimenting tweet or a photo posted by a proud customer. Just make sure you ask for their permission first. This type of interactivity between customer and brand goes a long way with proving your brand is all about worthwhile connection and customer satisfaction.

In a nutshell: turn your customers into acquaintances

The truth is, there’s no short fix to getting to know your customers. Understanding their behaviours and habits, and likes and dislikes is a long process that requires a variety of different strategies. Just make sure you're always maximising customer engagement in whatever content you’re creating and whatever digital marketing channel you’re using.

Become aquantinced with your customers. Creating a human-to-human relationship is crucial for your customers knowing they’re appreciated beyond the money they spend. If a brand treats their audience as real people, not customers, the better they’ll be at keeping communicating with them on a deep and meaningful level.

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