How To Increase Sales Through Social Media

Social media
10 November 2021
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Social media is an essential tool for businesses, but it's also an easy way to get new customers. But what makes social media different is that it lowers the barrier to entry—you don't need to be an expert to make it work. The good news is that you don't need to be an expert to get started, either.

Go To Where Your Audience Is
The first step to driving sales using social media is to figure out where your target customers are spending their time online, and use the same social channels that they use.

A best practice for making the most of your time is to concentrate on a few key platforms, rather than using up precious resources building multiple accounts.

Firstly, conduct a thorough analysis of your target demographic . You can dig into the profiles of your current customers, or try to find common characteristics of a target audience that you haven't gotten in front of yet. Depending on the power of your CRM, your audience may have provided on signed into your website using their social media, but if not there's no harm in sending a communication asking what platforms they prefer.

Once you know who buys your products/services (or who you want to become a buyer), you should also know which platforms they use primarily.

It's important to remember (and in some cases relay the information to your line manager) that attempting to be super active on every social media channel is nigh impossible these days for a small team let alone one person.

Create Great Content Tailored For Your Customers
Social media users are very usually very in touch with current trends and news, so If you create mediocre content, you will not get the engagement you're looking for from them. Not only that, but they may also call you out on it.

Rather than dispatch a series of short/average posts, spend the time creating a smaller amount of high-quality content. That way you'll also be sharing your content at a pace that both you and your prospects can handle.

The following tips should keep that content performing well;

  • Create original imagery inspired by real-life situations linked to your product, industry or customers.
  • Post pictures and videos that include tips for using your products.
  • Share images of prospects using or engaging with your products.
  • Engage with your customers as they engage with you. For instance if your customer posts a story of them using your product, re-share it to your users or comment. Chances are if they have taken the time to create this piece of content they'll like to hear from your brand.

Check out the different types of social media options geared towards increasing product engagement and sales;

Shop Posts on Instagram
Shoppable posts are a native integration that helps Instagram users tag products and shop them instantly from their organic newsfeed.

Shoppable Tags In Instagram Stories
Using Shoppable Tags in Instagram Stories , businesses can now tag physical products/services from their e-commerce platform or inventory. When a potential customer clicks on an item in your Instagram Story, they can view its description, price, and name.

Facebook Sponsored Posts
Facebook sponsored posts or 'boost' offer a simple way to access their advertising platform by allowing you to to essentially enter one of your existing posts into the ad network. If you've already posted some great how-to content about the use of your product, then boosting it is an easy way to get your content in front of more eyes.

Use LinkedIn For Brand Awareness
With LinkedIn, your business can establish strategic partnerships, generate leads and build awareness in the following ways:

Social Media Paid Ads
Posting frequently to social media and replying to comments alone is not enough to drive sales. The most suitable strategy for making the most of your social accounts is via paid ads.

Every social media channel has advertising abilities. Facebook, for instance, features arguable the most extensive targeting tools. This makes it really easy for businesses to develop successful campaigns.

LinkedIn offers similar options via its ad platform, but is geared towards services and B2B customers.

Ads can be a bit of a faff to conquer, especially in terms of artwork. Check out our free social media cheat sheet here, where you can download an up to date guide on ad sizing 😎

I have covered some of the most effective strategies for driving sales using different social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

These methods involve having an active presence where your prospects are, and creating educational - this means creating optimised content without focusing solely on sales straight off the bat.

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Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash

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