How To Sell On Instagram

10 January 2021
Sam Pettiford
Sam Pettiford

Instagram is a social media platform that was initially created to meet a very specific need. Instagram was designed, from the ground up, specifically for the mobile platform, for people to easily share that content without having to go through upload or file-transfer protocols.

As a result, Instagram is a very image based social media platform and this means that if you want to sell on Instagram, you need to make sure that you play to the strengths of what Instagram has to offer.

Selling on Instagram
If your business sells tangible, physical products, Instagram can be one of your most effective marketing AND selling channels.

If your product can be bought, sent, and used by a customer, then Instagram has the tools to help you make that happen. Keep in mind that businesses focused on selling products have a key advantage in Instagram versus those that offer services like travel and digital services.

Shopping on Instagram
The shopping feature enables people to shop for and to buy products on Instagram. This is a very powerful feature as pulls the product marketing and sales process together to minimise the actions a user has to take prior to purchase.

In the past, if a potential customer was interested in buying a product that was featured on Instagram, they couldn’t do so on the spot. Tapping on an item would take a customer away from Instagram and into the vendor’s website where the business transaction would then take place.

This may not seem like much, but it interrupts the “flow” of your customers’ journey to purchase. The user is now no longer on Instagram, and if the website is not as user-friendly or, worse yet, the purchase mechanism is cumbersome, the customer might quickly lose interest, and you’ll lose a sale.

With Shopping on Instagram, tapping or clicking on a tag immediately brings your customers to the vendor’s Instagram storefront, where they can complete their purchase. It’s quick, easy, and it eliminates interference in your customers’ purchasing experience.

Working with Instagram Stories
Another way that you can sell on Instagram is by offering products through the Stories e-commerce shopping feature.

Your Stories are a way to link images on Instagram and are set to last for only 24 hours. Shopping on Instagram is enabled on the Stories feature as well, so if you have a limited time sale, for example, you can post the various products on your own Instagram story.

Image is Everything
If you want to boost your sales, making a solid investment in beautiful photography will make your company and your products really stand out. Some of the most successful businesses on Instagram have enjoyed a boost in business because they’ve invested in creating professional, appealing images. You have the unique opportunity to really show your potential customers every angle of your product and driving your sales.

Get Noticed
Simply leveraging the ease of Shopping on Instagram is only part of selling on the platform. You’ve still got to get people to pay attention. Judicious use of photography and smart organization of products is one way to achieve this, and if you have the budget, you can also pay for advertising on Instagram itself.

Always make sure you present your products in their best light when it comes to shopping on Instagram. With over one billion users every month, Instagram offers vendors one of the greatest e-commerce vehicles available.

We hope this tip came in handy, check out our social media cheat sheet to ensure you get your Instagram ads sized correctly.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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