Lord Sugar's New Business Partner, Harpreet Kaur's Oh So Yum Website

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07 April 2022
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

It has been one helluva ride for Harpreet Kaur on series 16 of The Apprentice UK, as she was recently unveiled as Lord Sugar’s new business partner, securing his £250,000 investment into her re-branded business empire, Oh So Yum.

Her artisan brand delivers sweet bakery treats to satiate a growing market. But with an already successful business turning over profit within her stores, under the previous brand Barni’s, Harpreet knew that to maximise her potential further she needed to be making waves online.

Harpreet, her sister and business partner, Gurvinder and their creative team specialise in tasty brownies, brookies, cookies and treats, priding themselves on quality and taste like no other. Nonetheless, they are fully aware that this is a highly competitive market.

We were introduced to Harpreet and her associates with the intention of quickly creating a dynamic and beautiful artisan brand experience for a brand new website.

The original brief clearly outlined the main goals: firstly, to put their renamed and rebranded business on the map leveraging Harpreet's Apprentice journey with an influential customer base; secondly, to achieve ambitious growth plans and third, to simplify the behind-the-scenes operation.

Once we agreed that MWB would design and build Harpreet’s new Oh So Yum website, our team began scoping the project. We analysed and considered each element: design, user experience, customer journey, the growth and expansion, long-term strategy, and how the website could simplify their production data.

The look, feel and experience was critical; site visitors needed to tap into an aesthetic that reflects and predominantly appeals to their target audience and be instantly recognisable off the back of The Apprentice final and into the future.

Oh So Yum’s website became oh so WOW!

Our team remarkably built a fantastic website in a short period of time factoring in these important elements:

  • We analysed existing data insights to identify where significant commercial improvements could be made, including upsell and add-on product opportunities.
  • Overhauled the user interface (UI) to reflect the new brand
  • Focused on the user experience (UX) to provide a seamless experience for new and regular customers
  • Implemented a WordPress website (CMS) with WooCommerce ecommerce for a seamless customer experience
  • Paid close attention to the customer experience to maximise the browse to purchase journey
  • Customised reporting to create clear lists of products that need to be made to ensure quick delivery times and good stock levels so customers are never disappointed
  • DPD courier service integration to ensure swift bakery to doorstep delivery
  • Integrated all marketing channels to create personalised marketing communications, payment management and to automate the data management process

Fresh after Lord Sugar’s lucrative investment into her growing business; here is what his latest business partner had to say upon working with Making Websites Better:

“MWB has been fantastic in unpicking the existing website to remedy the challenges we’ve faced and they have looked at ways to improve our conversion, sales, customer experience and to nurture our growing customer base in a personal way. They have set the website out not only to look great, but with a long-term plan, strategy and support, to make it the go-to site for the tastiest baked treats on the market!”

Harpreet Kaur, Managing Director, Oh So Yum

Check out the full case study of Oh So Yum.

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