MWB - Knowing Me, Knowing You with Dominic O'Brien

08 March 2022
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

In our mini blog series, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’, Head of Digital, Mark Tuxford meets up with members of the Making Websites Better roster talking to them about their time at the company so far in a Q&A style format, enabling you to get to know the team a better whilst putting a name to a friendly face assisting with your business presence online.

Our latest interview is with Account Manager, Dominic O’Brien who joined MWB in February 2022.

Dominic joined the team from Robert Dyas, where he worked as a Graduate e-Commerce Category Assistant after graduating six months previous with a 2:1.

Dominic studied Human Geography at the University of Leeds; human systems and behaviour in an ever-evolving world. He admits that this was something that always fascinated him and gave him the inspiration to study the topic at degree level.

Dominic’s role here at MWB is to account manage client’s websites and build a rapport with our existing client base, something that taps into his knowledge and expertise of human behaviour perfectly.

Now you know more about Dominic, let’s take a step into his personal life and find out what makes the latest MWB team member tick with our Q&A session.

Regarding achievements, I'd definitely say that graduating with a 2.1 during a global pandemic is up there. The Covid-19 lockdown hit right in the middle of my dissertation research, and with the University being completely unprepared for a pandemic event, I sort of had to make-do with the limited resources I had to finish my research and prepare for my final exams. Additionally, I consider finding my first proper job during the lockdown as a personal achievement of mine.

What’s the best thing about working at MWB?
“Despite being relatively new to my role, I'd have to say the best thing about working at MWB so far is the interaction with the incredibly creative, passionate and friendly team.”

How do you like to unwind in your spare time after a busy week at work?
“There’s nothing better than unwinding with music: whether it be listening to a playlist or playing an instrument, music is my absolute go-to to unwind after a busy week at work!”

THREE words that describe your personality?
“I’d have to say fun, reliable and passionate.”

What is your passion in life?
“Learning new skills - I love to challenge myself and have a strong passion for acquiring new knowledge. Examples include learning a new instrument, playing a new game, or simply watching videos on new topics/concepts.”

Is there a specific experience in life that always stayed with you, changed your outlook or made you more motivated to succeed?
“When I last saw my Grandad in hospital, he told me that he was happy because he had a healthy family and a good set of friends - this really stuck with me, it made me realise that the most important things in life really are your family and friends, bringing you comfort even at the very end.”

What is your proudest achievement?
“As lame as it sounds, it was when my friend and I got a song we personally had written, recorded and produced in an indie music magazine. We were 19 and it meant the absolute world to us!”

Who was your role model/hero growing up?
“I had two hero’s when I was growing up: the first one was the ex-Arsenal forward Thiery Henry which pains me to admit, as now I am an avid Chelsea fan! “The second one was the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who I practically worshipped throughout my teenage years and still love to this day.”

Where is your favourite place in the world?
“It’s difficult for me to select a single place, but I have to say that there is nowhere better than London on a hot summer's day when you're out with your mates/loved ones!”

What is the one thing you could not go a day without?
“I would have to say music. It’s become somewhat ritualistic for me and I cannot imagine life without it.”

What is your favourite song?
“Now this is a tough one as there are so many songs that I love, but I’d have to say my favourite song of all time has to be Jimi Hendrix’s cover of Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower, with This Charming Man by The Smiths coming in at a close second.”

What is your favourite Film/TV programme?
“My absolute favourite film of all time is The Shining by Stanley Kubrick.”

What are your favourite food and drink choices?
“For food, I would say pizza is probably my favourite. For soft drinks, I like Coke Zero obsession and for alcohol, I love a cold beer.”

What is your hidden talent?
“I can play several instruments, I'm also exceptionally good at cheering people up!”

What is your biggest phobia?

What is your favourite motivational quote?
“When nothing is going right, go left - I’ve always interpreted this quote as you can’t sit around waiting for things to get better, you need to take control and make the change yourself.”

What would be top of your bucket list?
“To go solo travelling for several months, I think it would be an extremely interesting and scary experience that would undoubtedly help you grow as a person.”

If you won well over £1,000,000 on the lottery, what would you spend your winnings on?
“I would give a generous amount away to my close friends and family. I think it would be a more enjoyable experience if those you really care about were also involved. I would invest about a third into a property and give the rest to charity.”

Finally, if you hosted a dinner party, who would be your chosen FIVE guests (dead or alive) and WHY?

  1. Jimi Hendrix - a true childhood hero of mine who was incomprehensibly talented and passionate. I would love to pick his brain for hours!
  2. Jack Nicholson - another fascinating person who has unmatched charisma, I would love to ask him questions about some of his classic films (The Shining and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
  3. Doja Cat - more of a contemporary guest, she is an incredibly talented and charismatic music artist and I think she would be a hilarious addition to the event!
  4. Brian Cox - A unique and gifted academic who has the rare ability to effortlessly explain incredibly complex processes to average people (such as myself)!
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci - Arguably the greatest artist of all time, I’d love to be able to ask him about his inspirations for his work. Overall he would be a fascinating addition to the evening.

If you are looking to improve your existing website or design a brand new one to reflect your business in the right light online, Dominic is able to work closely with you from initial stage to project completion. Contact the team for more information.

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