MWB support Prevent21 campaign via partnership with SUDEP Action

06 December 2019
Paul Warren
Paul Warren

Making Websites Better have agreed to become a corporate partner with SUDEP Action in 2020. Additionally, our Managing Director; Paul Warren will also become a volunteer for the charity to help to raise awareness of SUDEP Action’s Prevent21 Campaign.

Paul’s younger sister sadly passed away in her sleep in October 2019 and the grieving process has been extremely painful for his family. The shock of a sudden and unexpected death followed by the coroners not being able to give a medical cause of death has been inherently distressing, but Paul is determined to use his younger sister’s memory as a way of preventing other families from experiencing the same heartbreak.

SUDEP Action exists to increase awareness of epilepsy risks and tackle all epilepsy deaths, including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

The only UK charity supporting and working alongside those whose loved ones have died suddenly from an epilepsy related death. Services include bereavement support, counselling and help with understanding the inquest process.

21 people per week die in the UK from an epilepsy related death and over 600,000 people in the UK are affected by epilepsy. If things continue 1,000 people will continue to die each year, leaving many people devastated by the death of a loved one. This must stop and SUDEP Action’s Prevent21 campaign aims to do this by taking action to save lives now.

Research shows that at least 42% of these deaths are known to be potentially avoidable. More can be done to prevent this tragedy via better risk communication and improved access to medication and services. SUDEP Action is spearheading research, education, and lobbying on tackling epilepsy deaths as well as offering specialist bereavement support to those families left devastated and confused.

Making Websites Better have agreed to donate 21 hours of our time per month to help to raise awareness via brand, web and marketing activity for the Prevent21 campaign. This has a commercial value of approximately £21,000 per year and we’ll also be fundraising to help support the charity too.

“I lost my sister to SUDEP in her 30’s and our new investor Paul Taylor also lost his friend to the same unexpected way in his 20’s. So, whilst we’re a small team, we’ve been touched by this and are now passionate to do what we can to reduce that scary number of 21 deaths due to epilepsy per week in the UK.” - Paul Warren

“We are thrilled that Paul and Making Websites Better is working with us as a corporate partner for our Prevent21 campaign. Paul approached us after the death of his sister and is passionate about our cause. This partnership is a great boost at this time; we helped over 13,000 people last year and we know we can help many more. We are delighted that that by working with Making Websites Better we can build our brand and marketing to reach wider audiences in need, or who wish to help stop unnecessary epilepsy deaths.” - Jane Hanna OBE, CEO SUDEP Action

If you would like to help in any way, we would be delighted to gain your support so please do get in touch. We will be looking to run activities and events in 2020 to raise funds and support SUDEP Action’s Prevent21 Campaign.

If you have been bereaved by epilepsy, or would like more information about how to reduce epilepsy risks, visit: www.sudep.org or call SUDEP Action on 01235 772852

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