The FOUR Essential Pages You Should Have On Your Website

Web Development
15 November 2020
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Company websites come in all shapes, sizes and designs. While the design and build brief for a new website comes down to personal preference; what you want your website to do and how you intend on using it, it’s worth noting the FOUR essential pages you should have on your website that could make all the difference for user engagement.

Let’s give an example. Ask a house builder to design and build you a house now with five bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen and a lounge-diner - they will turn around to you and say “we’ll have to lay the foundations first, mate!”

It’s the same process for the construction of a bespoke website.

There are four pages that are integral to the foundation of every great site, proving to be the most useful to potential clients who might be viewing your website showcasing your products and/or services.

What is it they say, first impressions count? The same rule applies to your website.

When you click a link that takes you to a website, more often than not the first thing you will see is the homepage of the website. What is the first impression a potential client would have when they visit your site? If the answer does not include the buzzwords of welcoming, inviting, sharp, modern, colourful, engaging or words to that effect, then your homepage is not doing the job of either solving the solution they came to you with in the first place.

Ultimately, without a fully functional, engaging home page you run the risk of people losing interest and quickly leaving the site. First impressions are key in life - someone will judge you on your manor, behaviour and appearance in the first few seconds of meeting you - the same applies to your website and the home page.

Ensure your homepage is modern, relevant, clear and concise. Make it easy for the user to access your products and/or services with easy navigation and a few simple clicks of a button.

Where did it all begin?
What’s the story?
What morals and values does your company possess?
What’s the benefit of your product/service?
Why are you different from your competitors?
What are your company achievements?
Introduce the team.

It’s time to tell your customers about you. The about page allows you to present your business in the best possible light and generate a personality among your following. Whether that’s through text on the website or a simple introductory video message. Customers buy from a face or a personable company, in touch with their consumer base.

These same customers want to know who they are buying from, this can be provided through relevant company information and connecting with your target audience through a dedicated ‘about us’ page.

Implementing a blog or news page allows you to display online articles based on industry knowledge, promotions, features and general information about the company.

With posts uploaded to this page on a regular basis, the content can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ensuring you are ranking for certain keywords implemented within the text. You can also share these articles via your company social media profiles, keeping you active and noticed on multiple digital platforms.

Without relevant contact details, how do you expect customers to get in touch about your products and/or services?

Key information such as contact telephone numbers, email addresses and other relevant links should be displayed all over your website with call to action buttons - but the all important details should also be found on the dedicated page of ‘Contact us’.

If a customer is interested in what your company offers, you need to make it easy for them to get in touch, become a lead and ultimately convert. The contact page makes the consumer’s life that much easier when navigating through your website.

These four essential website pages should always be on your website. Build the foundations, implement the structure, build from the ground up, paint the house and put it on the market to sell.

We are not house builders, but we can design and build the future of your business online through bespoke websites and effective digital marketing campaigns.

Check out our portfolio page to get a feel for what we can do for you. Otherwise, call 020 3745 5424 or email: team@mwb-agency.com today for more information and our team’s availability to begin your website project.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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