Web Design Trends In 2021

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17 January 2021
Sam Pettiford
Sam Pettiford

As we passed semi-gracefully into the new year, we’re starting to explore upcoming web design trends for 2021. Take a moment to think about the websites you’ve seen over the last few months - there are likely to be a few that stand out.

We took the time to highlight the 2021 website design trends making a major impact in the online world. It's important to highlight the skilled design work that caught our eye, and we’ve included a few examples created by our own award-winning web design team.

Dark Mode and Low Light UX Web Design Trends
Some companies are beginning to offer dark mode versions of their website, and we believe this website design trend will continue to grow in 2021. Dark mode, night shift and other low light user interface options provide users with a low-contrast site or app that is easier to look at in low light environments. On their website and app, US based Groq Health use a dark theme contrasted with purples for that extra 'pop'. Our team believes the popularity of dark mode will see more great examples of this throughout 2021.

Embedded Video Home Page
We may be biased, but using a video on your website homepage is one of the best web design trends for 2021. We used a short video clip in the background of the GoInstore homepage, the design serves as a great way to showcase their service in use. When users visit the website, they immediately get an impression of how the product works and its use case.

Scroll-Triggered Animations
An interesting UX design trend that's become more popular in recent years are scroll animations. This type of web design showcases visual design talent and front-end development skills, and it also increases time on page and engagement. Our developers created the Bubbldigital design to encourage users to scroll or click through the page layouts to see floating bubbles. As long as the animations don’t take away from your goal or confuse users, this 2021 web design trend can be a highly effective way to make it easier for users to convert

Bubbldigital Scroll Animation

Creative And Bold Colour Branding
We are loving the multiple color branding look. Companies like WKG Print are received a website, which moved towards a new design that is branded with bold positive colours. This design helps the user navigate through the site and builds subconscious associations with the service pages solely based on colour cues. Check out their great site for color branding web design inspiration!

Is your business ready to take your web design to new heights? To find out how we can help put your business on the map, call 020 3745 5424 today or alternatively you can email us on team@mwb-agency.com where we can help get your online presence perfect.

Photo by Nordwood on Unsplash

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