Why websites should be built in a modular way

Web development
05 November 2019
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

Why should websites be built in a modular way? Building webpages in blocks.

To build a website that grows with your business is what every owner wants to achieve; a modular website allows you to do this.

Benefits of Modular Design and Development

There are many benefits of building a website in a modular way, these are the main reasons why modular can be really helpful:

GROWTH; as new opportunities arise, modular design will be future ready, it gives your website the flexibility to grow and develop with customers' ever-changing requirements and needs.

EFFICIENT; once the reusable modules are developed it allows you to get creative and build new page layouts that even the designer may not have thought of. You can quickly launch new content due to the build of the website.

EASY TO EDIT; You can make adjustments in real time. You can change your content strategy based on real data and preferences of your target audience.

Is modular design for me?

The larger your website is, the more suited modular design is for you. Modular design means that even the largest of organisations can develop new pages as quickly as startups. It gives you repeatability at a larger scale. It also creates a more streamlined, more consistent user interface. All of your branding components are built in to the modules so every new piece will fit the look and feel of the site. Have a look around this very site, everything between our header and footer is a module!

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If you want to discuss modular websites further or would like to see how it will benefit your business, please schedule a call as we are a digital marketing agency who create, build and market bespoke websites with purpose and meaning.

To have a website review or if you want to schedule a call to discuss your website or a brief, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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