Why Woocommerce Is Great For Your Online Business

17 May 2021
Sam Pettiford
Sam Pettiford

If you’ve been hearing a lot of noise about WooCommerce lately, there’s a pretty good reason why! In the last year, the benefits of having an efficient e-commerce functionality for your online business have seen massive results and changed the landscape of marketing in a post-COVID world.

Small to medium enterprises are experiencing a massive surge in online sales, and with the WooCommerce plugin now reaching over 123 million downloads, the chance to get their brands noticed is simply too good to ignore.

However, before we begin explaining how this presents the perfect opportunity for your online presence, let’s delve into an overview of Woo-Commerce.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is essentially a free plugin for any website that’s created on the popular content management system WordPress. This plugin enables businesses to display their products and content by turning their platform into a working online store.

What are the benefits of WooCommerce?

  • WooCommerce is a free plugin to create your perfect e-commerce store on a limited budget
  • WooCommerce allows you to design your own appearance and store navigation to stand out from your competitors
  • The WooCommerce open-source tool lets you adapt and customise your page based on the needs of your customers
  • The WooCommerce plugin development capability lets you expand on your page with shipping and marketing functions for more personalisation
  • WooCommerce is user-friendly, so you don’t have to be a tech-head to navigate its pages

Now that we know what WooCommerce is, let’s explore the ways it can make your business can thrive.

WooCommerece is SEO-Friendly

Any good WooCommerce agency will tell you the importance of SEO in getting your business shoulder to shoulder with big-name brands. After all, it’s a competitive marketplace! However, competitive doesn’t mean impossible.

WooCommerce and Search Engine Optimisation go hand in hand. With a smart SEO strategy, your online store can rank well on a search engine results page and be found by customers actively searching for your products or services.

The term SEO can send many businesses running for the hills, but the research is already there! It’s just a matter of choosing the best strategy for your business and applying it to your product descriptions and content on your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce has SEO features built-in that are waiting for you to optimise and get your business rising the search engine rankings. WooCommerce events can also be tracked via Google analytics for complete control and visibility of your shopping experience.

WooCommerce connects your Social Media

Social media will always be a highly effective gauge of what’s happening in the world, whether that’s e-commerce shopping, new trends, or just content-hungry consumers scrolling through their social media feeds.

So, how does WooCommerce make social media work better for your business? By linking it all to your website!

Social media extensions let you connect your online store to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts, placing them directly in front of the eyes of your customers!

New content can be uploaded from any social media channel and be automatically synched on the social feed on your e-commerce website. The social feed display offers different gallery styles to keep your marketing and layout consistent.

This innovative method helps to build brand awareness and customer engagement, while also allowing you to look at the bigger marketing picture as the social feed posts your content.

Other benefits of a WooCommerce social media extension:

  • Choose from three design layouts: slider, grid, and collage
  • Automatic image cropping options
  • Users can post or share your product and social media content directly from your website

By concentrating all of your social media into one place, a WooCommerce account page can not only guide new browsers to their online store but develop brand loyalty through solid social media content.

Woocommerce Advertising

Your website can sell all of the WooCommerce related products you’d expect from an online store, with the added bonus of advertising plugins, subscriptions, and bundles to visitors of your page.

If you’re clever with the product packages you create, you can promote discounts for individual or group items, so that any potential customers browsing for one specific product can be guided towards buying a bundle package instead.

WooCommerce agencies would probably tell you that plugins like Yith Coupons are one of the biggest selling points of WooCommerce, and building a solid customer base.

Woocommerce Is A Part of Wordpress

Woocommerce is of course, the ecommerce website solution, built by Wordpress. Meaning, the development team behind it is constantly building new features to future proof your site.

Wordpress is famously open source, which means there is no closed platform issues with Woocommerce that may cause your online store to deliver anything less than a beautiful and engaging experience to your customers.

What are WooCommerce plugins?

A WooCommerce plugin is a mutually beneficial tool for both customers and businesses in the e-commerce landscape. A plugin can help you create your product bundles and lay them out in the best way possible for customers to choose from.

The massive ecosystem of plugins that are available for Woocommerce can meet all of your business needs p

WooCommerce coupons such as Yith Coupons not only promote your brand across a customer’s social media feed but also rewards them for being loyal customers, by exchanging a discount on products for a social media post promoting their purchase.

WooCommerce plugins create a cohesive give-and-take relationship between your brand and the customer. Have a look at the best plugins for your store based on your needs. Most of them are totally free!

So, what are WooCommerce plugins? They’re a cost-effective way of incentivising and rewarding customers for repeat sales and brand loyalty!

Using these plugins and remaining consistent with your online communications will turn your WooCommerce site into a beacon of customers’ needs through your emails, blogs, and well-optimised content, which will lead to fluidity, upselling products and return visits.

WooCommerce And Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re building your brand with the help of a WooCommerce agency or going it alone, one of the most appealing aspects of WooCommerce is being in complete control, but having a site take on the technical heavy lifting for you.

Nothing communicates this more than the simplicity of a WooCommver influencer plugin. You’re in complete control of your affiliate relationships, and unlike other third-party platforms, the system is designed to work in your favour.

The simple process is as follows:

  • You decide who you allow to sign up as your affiliates
  • Approve them to receive commissions and create referral links
  • Track your visitors and conversions easily online
  • Monitor the results of an affiliates’ progress
  • Test out your media assets and content in different ways
  • Then track each campaign’s performance

Not only is your affiliate marketing relationship now easy to manage, but it can also turn subscribers into loud and proud brand ambassadors!

Affiliate marketing has tripled in the U.S. alone to $8.2 billion over the last ten years, so make the most of an easy-to-manage affiliate marketing platform.

Whether you’re worried about the quality of your website, or you’re ready to get WooCommerce agencies working for your business, don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your brand while making your workload smaller through well-optimised e-commerce content.

MWB are a development agency specialising in Woocommerce and ecommerce stores. Our experienced team are specialists in delivering ecommerce solutions, bespoke web design and engaging, high converting Woocommerce websites that align with your business goals.

Check out our sister company MWB Digital, a digital agency focusing on maximising sales through your online shop via enhanced user experience, digital strategy, effective email campaigns, conversion rate optimisation and content-led marketing that powers your ecommerce platform.

Check out our other Ecommerce articles to learn how to reduce your churn rate and the 2021 trends for WooCommerce, alternatively contact us to talk about your e-commerce ideas.

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