Yes, your website probably does have a lifespan

Web Development
03 April 2020
Mark Tuxford
Mark Tuxford

There is a set period of time where your website will be fantastic, fully functional and looking good but sadly all good things do come to an end.

In the digital marketing and advertising world, things change. A lot. And often. Google updates its ranking algorithms (the things that decide how highly you appear in a Google search) at least 500-600 times a year. Most of these are so subtle that the average user won’t notice them (the really big ones get fancy names like Penguin), but if Google is changing things up into the hundreds, it’s no surprise that websites and companies need to keep up. Blog posts from 2012 aren’t going to be relevant going into 2020, and company ethos, messages, and identities grow and change as the business expands or, in some cases, contracts, and so the website needs to reflect this.

With our many years of experience at MWB Agency, in designing and developing websites, active businesses that are the most successful shake up their website every two to three years, as Media company OrbitMedia suggested after analysing over 200 websites, they came to a shocking conclusion that the average website lifespan is only around two years and seven months.

Generally, the outlook you have on your website will have a big effect on the steps and direction you need to take. For example, has your website stopped generating leads? Has the company message changed? Has your SEO been audited to ensure you’re keeping up to date with Google’s many ranking changes? Do your images contain ex-staff members that no longer work at the company, or old offices that no longer exist?

There are many different checklists you can compile, or audits you can undertake (for free, if you click here) that can give you an idea of how your website is performing, and if you’re already answering yes to one or more of the above - that tells you all you need to know.

Here are a few areas for you to consider;

Structure of your website - is it built in the best way?
It is crucial to have your website built in a user friendly way that can allow you to expand your site with your business, rather than have a template that you try and make work, get frustrated and your online presence is neglected.

Is your site mobile friendly?
As the majority of users now use their mobiles to buy or search for information/products/services, you have to ask yourself - is your site responsive enough to keep up with the changing times?

Good content, everyone overlooks the need for good content…
This is your time to get your message across to your audience, do you have up to date, exciting information that will capture your audience? You want to keep your website users engaged, and also web-optimised to help with SEO.

Need more conversions
Is your business giving you the results you need? Click here to find out more and to use our ROI calculator.

Looking dated…
A refresh or a new design is always good. Illustration, iconography, photography, video, print design and social content. With our collected experience the additional media we can help you plug into your site will really 'wow' your users.

Think your website might be at the end of its life?
Don’t panic. If you think your website might have fallen behind, or our checklist identified potential issues, click here to speak with the team to get friendly, expert advice in the form of an audit on potential changes needed for your site. If you would like a web review, please book a call with us or email us at team@mwb-agency.com

Or, click here to find out more about the aftercare Making Websites Better provides as standard for all our bespoke websites and our processes. You’ll learn how we make sure every website we build stays up to date with the latest trends using the latest in coding technologies, and how we’ll always pop in regularly to make sure your site keeps performing as it should, no matter the year.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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