How we work

If we didn't have a thought-out, structured process then we'd be all over the place.

The Six D's

So we’ve created a disciplined project process to not only make things run seamlessly for us but to reassure you that your project is well organised and each area of your unique project is well-considered.

  • Discuss

    We get to know you and your project needs.

  • Discover

    We scope your project and plan how we’re approaching it together.

  • Define

    We get the important stuff signed, requirements delivered and the tools set up to get started.

  • Design

    We map out the UX of your site and design all the pages with your content.

  • Develop

    We make your design come to life by building it into the web.

  • Deliver

    We push the button to go live and handover your website with some training.

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