The Six D's


We’ll push the button to go live and handover your website with some training.

Three, two, one… we have lift off!

At this stage, we’ll push the big green button to go live, but before we do so we need to provide you with some Wordpress training. We build every website using WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system that allows you to publish news articles, edit content or imagery and even build a new page if you decide that you want to offer a new service.

After you’re confident and have familiarised yourself with WordPress we’ll action a pre-launch checklist to ensure that everything’s in place for us to start the migration process.

Migration means us putting your website into a hosting environment and we can do this in two ways. Firstly, we’ll let you know about our ‘WebHost’ packages. WebHost are affordable packages that include many other benefits than just hosting, we also maintain the website for you making sure you don’t leave yourself open to any hacks or security issues.

Secondly, if you do not wish to use our WebHost service we can provide you with the website files for you to provide to your chosen hosting provider. This will incur an additional cost depending on the size of your website.

Find out more about WebHost here.

Now the website is launched it doesn't mean our relationship stops and we never speak again. We offer a service called ‘WebCare’.

We'll review your website every month to look at ways to improve your website. This could be anything from design, development, content and imagery ensuring that your website is on trend and continues to perform and convert.

Find out more about WebCare here.

We’ll be hands-on for any functionality fixes (given they were included in the scope) bugs and WordPress support for a maximum of 5 days after launching your website. After 5 days, additional costs and scheduling will be required if any new functionally fixes or bugs arise (even if they had been included within the scope). It’s therefore very important that you undertake a full review of your new website before you approve.

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