The Six D's


We map out the UX of your site and design all the pages with your content.

Now that we’ve got the Scope approved and you’re on board we can start putting our thoughts and research into something tangible.

There are three steps in the design stage, Brand Design, Copywriting and Wireframing and what we action first depend on your requirements.

Let’s say you’ve asked for our creative designers to rebrand your business and modernise it for digital use, this would fall under brand design. If you’ve asked for us to write or rewrite your content this falls under copywriting, both of these areas will get actioned first before we visit the wireframing stage.

Wireframing is essentially the structure of the website, we’ll use the sitemap pages and the final content to build the architecture of your project, consisting of no colour or imagery to focus on the flow of how your customers get from A to B whilst navigating around your website.

After we’ve undertaken an internal review of the wireframe we’ll ask for your availability to present a prototype of the website and ask for your approval.

Once we get your approval of the wireframe we’ll then apply your brand and imagery onto the wireframe, we call this step the surface design and it focuses on colour, iconography, illustrations and typography.

We’ll then ask for you to review the surface design and approval it so that we can move onto the next stage.

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