The Six D's


We'll scope your website and plan out how we'll approach your website together.

At this stage, we'll scope out your project and essentially explain how we’re going to approach your project. Discovering, what we’ll be doing, how we’re doing it and what we’ll deliver to meet the brief, budget and timeframes.

Within the scope are requirements we may need from you such as content (if you haven't asked us to write or rewrite content for you), imagery and anything else that we discover we may require from you to help us deliver your website. Each of these client requirements would be assigned a deadline in accordance with the relevance of that requirement and at which stage of the project.

We'll build a sitemap which is a visual diagram that shows the required amount of pages in hierarchy order for your new website. A sitemap is very important as your website may need additional pages depending on what we discover.

As we've now got a better understanding of what we're delivering for your website, we're now able to provide you with accurate timeframes and costings.

It’s crucial that you read the scope, as after you approve it, it will be used for both parties to refer to if we stumble across any scope creep along the way.

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