“I see projects and briefs as a problem-solving experience, I love to create work that is done with passion and hopefully inspire others.”

Angela Ferreira

Digital Deisgner


Angela is a new valuable addition to the design team. Passionate about beautiful and clever designs, driven by excellence and care for what she does.


Angela has been working as Graphic Designer, freelancing initially with Portuguese clients, and later, in the UK. But, mostly she has been particularly focused on developing her skills and knowledge in design.


From a young age, Angela developed an interest in the arts. Angela graduated in Art and Design from the Polytechnic Institute of Braganca and the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. The success from her first degree led her to specialise even further in Graphic Design where Angela completed a Masters Degree from the Middlesex University in London.


Angela is responsible for all areas of design and is a huge part of the team - creating great website designs with a strong focus on UI, as well as designing graphics for marketing and social media for our own brand and our clients. Angela also produces videos and animations and makes sure our Instagram is looking top-notch!


To feed her creativity, Angela is particularly interested in a wide range of productions, audio, visual, and audio-visual, of artistic aesthetic or value. She loves a good exhibition and well-designed magazines. Addicted to great aesthetics and going to places that she never has been to before.

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