“I turn ideas into a meaningful design that communicates to the right people.”

Hettie Foreman

Lead Designer


Hettie leads the design department. She applies creativity and meaningful designs into every website.


Hettie has six years of experience as a designer. She’s worked freelance, in-house and for agencies in the UK and Switzerland.


Following schooling in Art and Design, Hettie put her hands-on skills into technical practice with an Apprenticeship in Graphic Design at 19 - where she learnt how to use the key design software that every designer needs to know inside-out.


Hettie’s responsible for designing our websites from concept to completion. She ensures every page and step a user will experience in their interaction with the website conforms to the overall vision of the client.


Hettie enjoys creating art outside of the computer screen too; she loves traditional signwriting and watercolour painting. She’s also happiest when in the sunshine and loves to travel.

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