“I take pleasure in seeing companies get success and results from their digital presence.”

Ricky Crump

Operations Director


Ricky oversees the day to day events of Making Websites Better, ensuring that every project runs smoothly and the morale levels of the team stay high.


Ricky has worked for Making Websites Better for over 5 years. His main expertise is listening, creativity and exploring the new ideas.


Ricky has a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Hertfordshire. He then went on to complete an Apprenticeship at one of the Top 15 Effective Design Agencies in the UK before joining us.


Ricky’s main responsibilities are project management, making sure everything’s on track and the team’s happy. He also likes to design now and then.


Ricky’s interested in all things creative - especially user experience. He loves to read books, play golf and support his team at the Emirates Stadium.

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