Changing the world of Mental Health, one question at a time

The brief

Danny Gray, founder of War Paint for Men, approached us to join his not-for-profit venture, JAAQ (Just Ask a Question), a free website for anyone to ask leading mental health professionals and people with relevant experiences, questions about a wide range of different topics.

JAAQ briefed us to design and build a website where people can easily access information, experience the power of conversation and provide a platform where people can reach out if they want to share their views or concerns.

JAAQ | Making Websites Better

The result

We started by holding several brainstorming sessions with the JAAQ team to set out key objectives and must-haves for their new site. We produced various prototypes to make certain a seamless user experience was implemented before getting creative and pulling together several mood boards to visually present a user interface that people can trust and use effectively.

Our development team worked with another partner of JAAQ’s, In the Room, to integrate the key experience of conversations as well as passing form submission data to visual database software.

This bespoke, fully customisable WordPress website, was truly a passion project for us. The collaborations with JAAQ and their partners, their mission statement and ethos was something we cared about. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be involved with JAAQ and look forward to seeing how their online movement can help people now and into the future.


Interactive conversational experience integrations

Effective data capture forms

Auto-play MP4 videos and dynamic content

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