Fully customisable e-commerce website for fashion fitness brand

The brief

L’Couture approached us during a time in which their business was striving, however, online sales weren’t performing due to poor user flow and slow response times, resulting in a high-level exit rate. Also, the old backend infrastructure was complicated, restrictive and unreliable which lead to new collections not being published.


What we did

We started by restructuring the user flow, by looking at previous analytics which gave us an insight into a customers journey and enabled us to identify where customers commonly exited or dropped-out. Using this data we concluded which pages on the website had priority and where the biggest problems lay. We reorganised collections and implemented a new product variations option, making it easier for customers to choose a style and administrators to publish new products.

Custom functionality

AJAXed cart and wishlist interactions from anywhere on the site

Paginated server-side rendered shop pages with filtering and sorting

Powerful flexible modules to display product collections in multiple effective formats

Automatic ‘new arrivals’ product category, requiring no admin intervention

Overlaying shop notifications to keep pages consistent and the user informed


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