NLB Solutions

A bespoke recruitment site that allows candidates to find their new future

The brief

NLB Solutions have over 35 years experience and have identified a transparent process in candidates finding their ideal roles. The user flow needed to be clear and cater for their two main audiences; Candidates and employers.

The aim is to have a modern, responsive site - on both desktop and mobile. The website needs to educate, attract, inform and create a relationship with the user/candidate. There needs to be the option to upload their CV and to communicate with NLB Solutions.

The ability to allow NLB Solutions to have control over what information is displayed online and to also have a function that automatically notifies NLB Solutions when job posts are about to expire, creating a smooth and slick internal process.

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The result

From having a grounded site map, a well structured wireframe was designed to ensure the correct user flow was created and tested. The surface design was added by our design team, it included a new fresh look that complimented the current logo. The responsiveness of whether the site is viewed on desktop or mobile was accounted for.

The recruitment system included all the functions to help NLB solutions keep the recruitment posts up to date and the system in the CMS clearly labels the responses from candidates. The function allows a post end date to be set, with a reminder that notifies that the post is due to expire. The CV upload allows the user to communicate with NLB solutions, again this is clearly labelled in the CMS.


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