SAS Micro

Fun and exciting bespoke website for a young and talented accountancy practice

The brief

SAS Micro approached us to modernise their outdated website and encourage visitors to get in touch. The current website lacked user engagement which led to a very poor conversion rate, therefore, our main objective was to overhaul the enquiry process to achieve two goals, increase user conversion rate and to reduce admin by empowering SAS Micro with useful information about the customer to determine the quality of the enquiry.

MWB create a new website for SAS Micro
SAS Micro bespoke website

The result

We thought, why should an Accountancy practice be bland and boring? Especially when SAS Micro have such a young and dynamic team. We, therefore, went against the norm and created a fun, exciting and attractive user interface using powerful tones of SAS Micro’s green, bold typography and modern animated illustrations.

After several extensive brainstorm sessions with SAS Micro to establish the form’s inputs and outcomes, we custom-built an extremely advanced step by step enquiry form for each one of SAS Micro’s target audiences. This included integrations with Companies House to retrieve the user’s company information and SAS Micro’s internal CRM.

After the launch of the new website, SAS Micro has seen steady growth in online enquires and because of this success, SAS Micro have commissioned MWB to rebuild their sister companies websites SAS Accountancy and SAS R&D.

MWB bespoke website planning and UX
SAS Micro case study - MWB create bespoke responsive website design and development
Finlay Everington - Practice Manager, SAS

"The fantastic team at MWB, they're committed to providing a high-quality website and tailoring the site to your own requirements. They take you through a simple process to scope out your ideas and then they jump into the design and template work. Really thorough process and a great team to work with. Couldn't be happier with our website and we've instructed the MWB team to do 2 more of our other businesses websites! Plus, really affordable pricing. Thank you, guys."


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