Sport Buff

A next-gen website for a futuristic gamification provider, Sport Buff

The brief

Sport Buff has powered real-time fan engagement and gamification experiences to millions of users around the globe and empowered broadcasters to create unique moments, retain viewers and monetize.

They’re at the forefront of next generation gamification and yet their previous website did not reflect this to its full potential. It lacked creativity, meaningful content and most importantly it didn't effectively showcase Sport’s Buff software.

Therefore, Sports Buff reached out to us to design and build a new bespoke website with an fully customisable Content Management System, even though they could have achieved this in-house, in their own words ‘Our team needs to stay focused on our own product development so we collaborated with MWB who are bloody great at what they do and you should use them’.

Sport Buff | Making Websites Better

The result

We knew right from the start why the previous website wasn’t performing, it was uninspiring and it didn't provide any meaningful call to actions. This led to key pages on the site having a high bounce and poor conversion rate, and with analytics backing this up we knew we had to inject life into the new site.

Therefore, we designed a set of SVG animations to better visualise and explain Sport Buff’s features with the intention for those animations to grab the users attention and inspire them to read more. We also created well-thought out and deliberty positioned call to actions that gave users an understanding of what to do next whilst absorbing the content.

Since the site’s initial launch, Sport Buff has seen an increase in customer enquiries, better user session times and a decline in bounce rate.


A fully customisable bespoke CMS (WordPress)

Animated GIFs, auto-play videos and general all-round animation

Multiple forms, social feeds and 3rd party software integrations

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