Tiny Wizard Studios

Showcasing a creative agency’s personality, growth and unique service offering through a brand new website ready for their next chapter

The brief

As a fellow creative agency, we know it’s only a matter of time before a company wants to sharpen their visuals and create the perfect first impression for clients looking into brand, animation, digital & print requirements.

Tiny Wizard Studio have achieved that through their recent rebrand, coupled with MWB overseeing the design and build of their new website that proudly showcases their makeover and fabulous work to date.

Tiny Wizard felt it was an important factor in their unique animation and transition effects within their new website. We agreed that a sense of movement and excitement was paramount within the design, we wanted to mirror what they create for their clients.

The team at Tiny Wizard have built a fantastic, personable reputation with their clients, thanks to their incredible work and attentive approach to each and every project. Again, we felt this was important to showcase throughout the build to reflect their overall brand ethos.

Tiny Wizard Studios bespoke website


The previous website lacked personality through general look/feel

They were behind their competition

Slow loading and speed issues

Complex and ineffective CMS

Broken blog

Unfilterable case study posts

Didn’t reflect company culture

Tiny Wizard Studios bespoke website

The solution

As the company has grown over time, Tiny Wizard’s challenge has been to create a seamless online experience that brings together all the elements of their diverse brand in one place to make it easy for clients and brands to connect with them.

Here’s what we did:

Made sure the site could handle large video files without effecting speed

Made the user journey enjoyable and placed call to actions in the right spots

Created a newsletter sign up form that integrated with Hubspot to help Tiny Wizard’s manage and maintain their email marketing

Brought the site to life with animations, and floaty, friendly page transitions

Added in their animated looping logo to bring some fun to the header

Set up project posts so they could upload a short video and it would auto loop and play upon mouse hover over

Built a multi-step form to help support the conversion of their visitors into new clients

Tiny Wizard Studios bespoke website
Tiny Wizard Studios bespoke website
Hettie Foreman, Project Lead, Making Websites Better (MWB)

“We recognise that a “new website” is an opportunity to look at your brand with fresh eyes. Tiny Wizards nailed their branding internally before embarking on this journey with us, and as a result, we were able to create a site that truly reflected who they were, and where they needed to be.”

Jess Morgan, Director, Tiny Wizard Studio

“I want to say a huge thank you to the whole team at MWB for delivering the most amazing website we could ever have dreamed of! We have been working on our brand and company vision, so we needed a website that was going to reflect our team and how we do things as a business. All our general ideas and feedback was taken on board and actioned really quickly by MWB. It’s been an absolute dream, no stress, no drama, no conflict, it’s been a wonderful, collaborative process. It’s made me realise that investing in your website is really important. Yes, we have created an amazing brand but it would not have the impact that it’s had without the website to compliment it. Thank you again MWB! We have loved working with you and looking forward to working with you again in the future!”


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